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Swivel Joints


Swivel joints are useful for slow or indexing rotation rather than continuous rotation where rotary unions are generally used.  Filton Ltd. offers a standard range of single flow swivel joints for G 1/4" to G 3" nominal size and a double flow range from G 1/4" to G 3/4".  The pressure range of standards is from 85 to 400 bar.  Special manufacturing is also offered including multi-port types and, when needed, electrical slip ring systems.   


Air Breather Filters


Air breathers are devices which equalize pressure and prevent the ingress of abrasives to closed chambers including gear boxes and hydraulic power packs.  The standard range of air breather filters offered from Filton include R 1/8" to R 1/4".  There are four grades of filter element available ranging from 5 to 65 micrometers particle retention size.  



Mechanical Seals


Filton offers a range of ROLTAC® mechanical seals  in both internally and externally  mounted designs.  The internally mounted seals are balanced and manufactured according to DIN24960 for shaft diameters ranging from 25 to 100mm.  The externally mounted seals are available in diameters ranging from 19mm to 75mm.  Both are also available for imperial shafts.



Specialty Seals


For challenging rotary applications which cannot be resolved with standard seals, Filton is pleased to consider any customization possibilities.  With its extensive experience and wide range of manufacturing capabilities, a variety of possible solutions are available for your consideration. 


For more information about these and any other Filton products, please contact Nuraseal at the contact locations provided or the Toll Free number.



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