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In order to better serve your needs, it would be helpful to collect some basic information prior to contacting us. Most of the information will be located either on a plate fastened to your old Filton® unit or else easily identified by visual inspection.  The useful information includes: 


• Rotary Union Model type i.e. Rotary R.E. Union

• Part number i.e. 16663.

• Serial number - generally identified either by a combination of two letters followed by four numbers or four numbers followed by a single letter i.e. ZN5631

• Nominal size

• Direction of rotation - if there is a groove in the spindle, it is a left-hand thread.


Other information that is helpful, especially when trying to select a suitable model or when troubleshooting during times of maintenance or unit failure, include:


• Type of fluid, flow rate, pressure, temperature

• Ambient temperature

• Rotational speed

• Working cycle

• Any unusual conditions i.e. exposure to harsh environments, etc.



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•  P.B. (1/2" to 1)"

•  C.B. (1/4" to 1-1/4")
High Temperature

•  R.E.B. (1-1/2" to 6")

•  C.B.N. (1-1/2" to 6")
High Temperature)

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