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Filton® Rotary Unions
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At Nuraseal, we realize that making the right choice of Filton® Rotary Union for your application can be a detailed exercise.

To assist you in this process, we have developed our online resources to provide you with much of the technical information you need to make informed decisions about individual rotary union models, installation procedures, part number schematics, maintenance and lubrication information as well as cross reference information.


The Filton® Index (located on the right of the page) is a series of quick links to help you navigate through the information quickly.  Also note that for certain areas, notably the Rotary Union model sections, a Model Index will also appear to help you locate specific information about certain models. 


As you work through the material, please keep in mind there are many additional factors which can have major impacts on selection, performance and rotary union life including the type (and temperature) of the fluid being transferred, the flow rate and pressure, the ambient temperature and rotational speed, the direction of rotation and the working cycle.  We encourage you to Contact Us whenever you have questions, concerns or require more detailed information than is presented here. 



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Intro to Rotary Unions

Typical Applications

Rotary Union Models

•  R.E. (1/4" to 1-1/4")

•  P.B. (1/2" to 1)"

•  C.B. (1/4" to 1-1/4")
High Temperature

•  R.E.B. (1-1/2" to 6")

•  C.B.N. (1-1/2" to 6")
High Temperature)

Other Models

Special Models

Special Connections

•  Screw Threads

•  Flanges


•  Syphon Elbows

•  Flexible Hoses

Also Available from Filton®

Quick Selection Guide

Part Numbers & Cross References

About Filton Ltd.

Health and Safety  


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