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 Polyurethane Sealing Products

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At Nuraseal, we specialize in Polyurethane Sealing Solutions.  


We offer a product range and a manufacturing capability that focuses on precision sealing products coupled with design flexibility, high customization and rapid turnarounds.


Our online resources are designed to provide you with a general flavour of our abilities, our strengths and the types of polyurethane sealing products we provide.  The Nuraseal Index (located on the right of the page) is a series of quick links to help you navigate through the information quickly.   



We encourage you to contact us whenever you have questions,
concerns or require more detailed information than is
presented here. 
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Our Products:

•  Seals

•  Large Diameter Seals

•  Duo-Durometer Seals

•  Teflon® Seals

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Our Services:

•  In-house tooling

•  Custom Moulding

•  Private Branding

•  Rapid Deliveries

•  Prototypes

•  Application Support  

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