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Large Diameter Polyurethane Seals

We provide large diameter seals including standard symmetrical U-cups, loaded seals, thin-lip U-cups and duo-durometer U-cups. All have knife trimmed, back bevel or straight lips. We also manufacture custom profiles including feathered and asymmetrical lip designs. Seals are available in both imperial and metric sizes with more than 1200 moulds for large diameter U-cup seals up to 32˝” OD and manufacturing capabilities for seals up to 34" OD with our in-house, low cost tooling.
Nuraseal is pleased to offer a wide range of precision sealing products custom manufactured in-house to meet the demanding needs of your applications.  We offer a broad range of products and profiles in both inch and metric sizes including U-cups, rod wipers, piston cups, and V-pack sets. 



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