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Polyurethane Seals

Nuraseal is pleased to offer a wide range of precision sealing products custom manufactured in-house to meet the demanding needs of your applications.  We offer a broad range of products and profiles in both inch and metric sizes including U-cups, rod wipers, piston cups, and V-pack sets. 


All of our polyurethane products are manufactured from high-grade polyurethane compounds to ensure that final quality of our end-products is tough enough to meet and exceed the needs of your applications.  


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Causes of Seal Failure




U-CUPS are available in both symmetrical and asymmetrical cross sections with various lip configurations including knife-trimmed straight, back-beveled and feathered lip.





PISTON CUPS are manufactured with an integral reinforcing plate moulded in place.  The urethane is bonded to the plate, virtually eliminating radial extrusion at the piston cup heel due to system pressure or over-tightening of the piston nut.  This plate improves performance and extends service life by minimizing heel wear of the piston cup.  


ROD WIPERS are available in standard "D" and "AN" styles plus custom configurations including feathered and double lip designs.  Our compounds are more cut and abrasion resistant than conventional rubbers and more effective at excluding abrasive contaminants than metallic scrapers.



V-PACK SETS  can be supplied in either shoulder or centre-stacking designs.  Nuraseal's centre-stacking V-pack sets take advantage of the inherent physical properties of urethanes to produce a V-pack set which requires no gland adjustment as needed with conventional fabric reinforced rubber, leather or PTFE packing sets.




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